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030420122697I am Kapil Varma from khargone and lives in indore.  I was born in Nanpur (Alirajpur) and brought up in Khargone. I spent my entire childhood, schooling and college there.

In 4 April 1988, I visited planet called earth.

I have completed B.E. (bachelor of engineering) in computer science from JIT (Borwan) in 2009, which makes my professional profile as Software Engineer.Giving my Services in a known IT Company at Indore, a beautiful and happening city of Madhya Pradesh.


My brain loves coding, but my heart really loves “Film Making” and “Video Editing”  I love camera angles as much as I love programming language  PHP/ ASPX or HTML/CSS. Here I would like to mention, that i am deeply honest for both, my profession and interest.

I love to spend my time with family and friends.

I have some plans about future but at the same time I really want to see where life takes me.  Though I have better goals for my life.

My mantra of life is – Be Yourself, Keep Smiling & Spread Happiness.

One thing, i truly proud about my personalities  is – “You Become My Friend, When You Meet Me.” JAI HIND…

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